Red Label "Fine de claire verte"

This was the first seafood to be given the Red Label by the French Ministry of Agriculture in 1989; the regulations are very strict. This oyster is not very fleshy and has been matured for several weeks in maturation ponds so the shell has been strengthened and the subtle local flavour enhanced.

It is of superior quality to the “fine de claire” because of its higher flesh content; it is a light oyster with a well balanced flavour and rich in water with a subtle local taste.

Oyster of clear | Lambert producer of Marennes Oleron


These exceptional oysters mature for a minimum of 28 days
with a maximum density of 3kg per square metre between October and May and they acquire their natural greenness in the maturation ponds. They are sold in special packaging between October and May to respect their reproduction cycle; that guarantees that they will not be milky.
The Red Label green “fine de claire” is a homogenous, non-fleshy oyster; its gills are green - highly valued by the consumer - its “coat” translucent, even white and not milky. A well balanced taste, initially briny then sweet and a notable flavour of “terroir”. The consistency ranges from soft to slightly firm and its length in the mouth is average.

huître fine de claire | Lambert producteur de Marennes Oleron